Business operations 

Caverion designs, builds, operates and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient technical solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industrial plants.

Our services and solutions are used in commercial, industrial and residential operations and facilities ensuring business continuity, safe and comfortable conditions, optimised performance and cost control. 

We ensure that properties are functional, safe and energy-efficient – while looking after their value throughout their life cycle.

Caverion has an extensive and varied client base. Our clients include real estate investors and developers, real estate users, general contractors, public institutions and industrial companies.

Services throughout the life cycle

We understand the complexity of buildings and processes and have technical and management skills in all technical disciplines throughout the life cycle. 

We efficiently manage life cycle from individual technology to advanced total solutions: We can take responsibility for designing and installing all of the technical systems and solutions, as well as for the service and maintenance of the property or industrial plant. 

Strong experience in industrial processes

We deliver technical systems and processes to all branches of industry and design and manufacture industrial components such as piping, tanks and boilers. We offer a wide range of industrial maintenance services from individual assignments to comprehensive maintenance of production processes, maintenance cooperation and outsourcing services.