Long-term financial targets

After taking the actions according to our strategy period ending in 2016, our goal is to reach long-term financial targets. Our long-term financial targets are: 


  • EBITDA over 6% of revenue

Revenue growth

  • Average annual revenue growth >10%

Working capital

  • Negative

Progress in reaching financial targets

Working capital = Inventories + Trade and POC receivables + Other current receivables - Trade and POC payables - Other current payables - Advances received – Current provisions. Does not include non-current provisions or pension obligations.

There is no certainty of the company achieving the above financial targets or being able to maintain them if it reaches them. The company uses the above-mentioned and other financial targets and performance indicators at selected intervals in its business. Even though there are no plans to amend the dividend policy, there is no guarantee that a dividend or capital redemption will actually be paid in the future, and also there is no guarantee of the amount of the dividend or return of capital to be paid for any given year.