How you can cut costs and increase efficiency with active life cycle management


With increasing technology and digitalisation, we are moving towards a more complex future that demands expertise in caring for buildings and industrial plants.

So, how can you use this development to your benefit, and ensure that this does not add up to increased costs or stops in production?

Well, you need a proper strategy in place to ensure that your property is built and maintained in excellent condition for many years to come. We call this strategy active life cycle management, and this is how you can reap the benefits.

First, your building, or industrial plant, must be technically optimised for its intended use throughout its life cycle. With today’s increasing technology, this can be a complex task for some. But, with an expert like Caverion that understands how these technologies work together, this can be done in both an economical, energy efficient and sustainable way, which ensures an optimised indoor environment and smooth operations for a smarter future.

How your property can support your business

It is crucial to be aware of how your property can support your business goals, if actively managed correctly.

Are you merely providing a space for teams to play sports, and their spectators to watch? Or, do you have a sports arena where teams are inspired to perform, and their fans enjoy the game in comfortable conditions while enthusing about it afterwards? Is a school just a building to keep children in while their parents are at work? Or is it an inspiring learning environment with functional solutions and a good indoor climate, which ensures the pupils stay healthy and productive? No matter what the goal of your business is, active life cycle management can support operation processes in the property.

Being active means getting an active grip on how your building can support its end-users’ needs for comfortable, safe and healthy conditions so they can achieve maximum productivity, no matter what they are doing. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the key parameters by which active life cycle management is measured.

You benefit by leaving it to the experts

Since buildings today are complex technical systems, a good option is to hand over the responsibility of life cycle management to an expert partner whose core business is exactly that. The clear benefits for the property owner include predictable costs and saved time, as an expert partner is taking care of the continuous development of the property. With a proactive property strategy, your property will maintain its value far into the future.

Providing life cycle solutions for buildings and industries is at the heart of Caverion. Whether you are beginning to plan a new building or industrial plant, or it is time for renovation, or you need to manage your existing properties’ operations professionally, we will be happy to help you.

Carina Qvarngård
Senior Vice President, Group Business Development & Marketing