From unskilled worker to service leader

Irnel Bilanovic - Department Manager, Denmark

25-year-old Irnel Bilanovic dreamed of becoming an electrician, but his mother said no, because she was afraid that he could be electrocuted. Today he is the department manager in service centre Vejle and Fredericia's plumbing department in Denmark. Irnel was born in Roskilde by Bosnian parents who fled from the civil war. He began his career as an unskilled worker, after he in elementary school made nothing but trouble.

“However, when I finally made an effort in school, I got good grades. And I knew that I wanted to be like those people who wore suits and drove a Mercedes. So after that I finished my plumber apprenticeship, I also completed the installer exam, and now I want to study management, so I can develop even more,” Irnel says.