Students and Graduates

Approximately 1,300 young people join us every year as apprentices, interns, summer workers, trainees and thesis writers. In fact, trainee programmes constitute an important channel of recruitment for Caverion. Many of our best professionals first joined the company as trainees.

The opportunities vary between countries and locations. Visit the local careers sites to find out about the opportunities for students in your country. 

Apprenticeships and Internships

Many Caverion units around Europe have local internship programmes. Internships are an excellent starting point for a career at Caverion and they offer you interesting challenges and a great opportunity to put your learning into practice.

Thesis work

Final thesis work assignments can be a good launch for your career with us. Doing your thesis work with Caverion gives you an opportunity to be involved in interesting projects while making important contacts for your future career.  With thesis cooperation you get valuable experience and we gain fresh ideas and knowledge.

Ville Ilmonen from Caverion won a European thesis competition in 2016

Ville Ilmonen from Caverion won a European thesis competition in 2016

Summer jobs

Joining us for the summer period is a guaranteed way of getting to know what it is like to work at Caverion and explore the different fields of our work.


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