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We live in uncertain times. The climate crisis has long been a defining issue of our time, then Corona sent the world into lockdown. 

It’s safe to say no one from our generation will ever forget 2020, the effects will be felt for months, maybe years. However, while we tackle the present, we must not forget our future. 

The UN states that the impacts of climate change will affect everyone. We are already seeing shifting weather patterns and rising sea levels. We need to take action now.

Like Corona, the climate crisis is something we need to fight together. We need to acknowledge that our choices affect others and our common future. Our choices matter.

In our common future, cities will play a major role. Why? Cities account for more than 70 percent of the world’s total CO2 emissions, and use a third of the world’s energy. In the EU alone buildings account for 40 percent of the emissions. In 2050 over 70 percent of the population will live in cities.

It is no doubt that cities, with buildings, industry and infrastructure, can shape a better future for our planet.

How do cities affect us as humans and our future?

The cities we build affect more than the climate. They also affect us as humans directly. The way we live and work is shaped by the environments we create around us. After all, we spend more than 90 percent of our lives indoors

Originally buildings offered shelter from dangers and the elements like cold, rain, wind and snow. Today, they are able to detect who is in the building and for what reason. They know the weather conditions and set the systems automatically, they recognize the needs of the occupants and independently report faults in the technical system. Soon buildings will interact with each other even more. Connected to the district grid, buildings will become a productive asset in the city ecosystem. 

That is why we at Caverion are asking ourselves every day: How can we get buildings, infrastructure and industry working in harmony for the benefit of the people that depend on them? 

The Smart City will not be created from scratch. It is created by making each existing and new building smarter, more intelligent and more sustainable, one by one. It is created with the goal to give its inhabitants a healthier, safer and more comfortable life and the assurance that their surrounding is not contributing to climate change, but helping amend it.  

Want to know more about smart cities, smart technologies and how Caverion enables performance and people’s well-being? 
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Who is Caverion?

We are passionate about supporting our customers with expert advice, aiming for sustainable outcomes, driven by our purpose: Enabling performance and people’s well-being in smart and sustainable built environments.

We understand that the way we live and work is shaped by the environments we create around us.  It starts from the first day we draw our breath. We learn, grow and develop in purpose-built spaces. We spend most of our lives indoors, in structures of concrete, glass, wood and steel. They shape who we are as individuals. They influence our life choices: our careers, our friendships, our loves. Ultimately, our material, emotional and physical well-being.

Within these built environments - from buildings to industrial sites, and the infrastructure that supports them - technology is a key component. But, it is not just about the technology itself. It is about the impact it can have when we apply knowledge, curiosity and long-standing experience to optimize those environments.

It’s about understanding the life cycles of people, businesses, buildings and cities. Joining the dots. Looking at every human-made environment as an opportunity to connect what we have learned to develop the future. Asking ourselves: How do we get buildings, infrastructure and industry working in harmony for the benefit of the people that depend on them? 

We are part of a greater ecosystem, with its own life cycle. That includes our children and generations to come. We want to enhance performance in every sphere and be proud of what we are passing on; securing the well-being of people, companies and the planet. It's about sustainable outcomes. Creating smart built environments where we can live better, work more productively, travel safely and explore further. 

So it’s more than technology. It is about improving the way we live and work in the structures we build. Today, tomorrow, every day; it is all about building performance.

Did you know?

The historical CO2 emissions development globally shows a dramatic increase during the past 50 years.

CO2 emissions

In 2019, Caverion provided 72,000 MW/h of energy savings for customers through Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) services. 

This corresponds to the average annual consumption of 30,000 3-room flats in an apartment building.


The annual energy savings provided through Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) services are three times higher than Caverion’s own energy consumption in 11 countries in our own buildings.

Decreasing trend in Caverion energy consumption in our own buildings.

indirect energy consumption

2019 EPC energy savings for customers are three times higher than Caverion’s own energy consumption in our buildings.

2019 EPC energy savings