Ensure the functionality of your property in these exceptional circumstances

Learn how to react in exceptional circumstances

Learn how to react in exceptional circumstances

Compared to the normal situation, the utilisation rates of several types of facilities, including schools, shopping centres and office buildings, have been clearly lower during the spring of 2020.

These exceptional circumstances demand careful procedures for ventilation, for example, so that the optimal functionality of the property can be ensured. Indoor air quality, optimising energy consumption and utilising empty spaces – all this requires special attention. On this page, we have collected instructions and tips to help you to ensure that your property remains healthy and safe through these exceptional times. 


The most important procedures for properties


Analysing energy consumption

With the help of building automation, you can ensure that your property does not waste energy. 
By analysing automatically produced data you can learn if, for example, the heating level meets the current rate of utilisation. A more thorough energy analysis helps you to find out how your property is doing in terms of energy efficiency.

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Adjusting ventilation

To ensure healthy and fresh indoor air for property users, changes are probably needed for ventilation. This is achieved by enhancing ventilation and maintaining its operating schedule.
More detailed information for changes in ventilation are available for example from associations such as RehvaFinvac and others.

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24/7 surveillance

Caverion's remote monitoring tracks the functionality of the building’s solutions every day of the week. The remote centre can help take care of up to 95% of maintenance visits. 
Our professionals can complete the adjustments required to adapt to these exceptional circumstances without any on-site visit. Even ventilation can be adjusted remotely. 

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Take care of the conditions of your building

An empty building offers a great of scope for maintenance operations – now, you can carry them out without any disturbance to users. These operations ensure that once the exceptional circumstances have ended your building serves its users even better.


Examples of proposed actions on a property


Timing maintenance actions 

It is worthwhile to complete maintenance actions at times when there is no disturbance to building users. Centralised actions ensure that everything works as effectively as possible when the property is in normal use again.

Technical maintenance

Ensuring security and safety

Security and safety systems in a building or facility need to be operational and monitored at all times. Regular maintenance ensures that the security and safety systems operate as they should.

Security and safety

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Caverion SmartView is always running and provides real-time information for your needs. It enables you to view building performance data in one easy-to-use portal. 

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