Information regarding COVID-19

Caverion has action plans in place regarding the functioning of our services and business continuity

Caverion is taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. We are doing everything in our power to slow down the spread of the virus and minimise the amount of infections. Safety and wellbeing is our top priority in all circumstances.  

In each Caverion country, we have created action plans regarding the functioning of our services and business continuity. We are in communication with our customers to serve them well and respond to their needs. We have teams in place to actively monitor the situation and the guidance of authorities, to give instructions and to advise our personnel. 

Safety first

As always at Caverion, safety is first. Because of this, we have introduced several protective measures to secure both our employees and society in general. 

Our current actions include: 

  • We are instructing all our employees to follow instructions of local authorities, and any possible special instruction of the customer in question.
  • We promote good hand hygiene and other adequate measures in customer premises as well as in our own. Our employees work remotely when possible.
  • We have preparation plans in every branch office and unit, including resource planning and possible replacements. 
  • With customers and partners, we promote on-line meetings.
  • For Caverion employees, international business travel is only allowed for critical reasons and where allowed by the authorities, and also domestic business travel is limited to the absolute necessary. For private travel, all Caverion employees should follow the local authorities’ instructions. Caverion recommends not to travel internationally and to avoid unnecessary travel domestically.
  • If a Caverion employee has symptoms or any concerns about being infected by the Coronavirus, (s)he must stay home, follow health care professional’s guidance and inform her/his line manager.
  • There are strict hygiene measures regarding service cars, workwear etc.
  • We have implemented training in protective measures and put up posters about protective measures in departments and project sites.


Serving our customers

The benefit of digital connections becomes very apparent in a situation like this: All our remote building services are working as normal and also our Helpdesk service for our real estate customers operates 24/7. 

Caverion has many assignments and functions in infrastructures and industries that are described as critical for the society by the government authorities. These critical functions must be maintained at any time. 

Among these are the supply of drinking water, sewage and energy supplies (such as operating and maintaining our customers’ power plants – including those of transmission system operators that provide power in emergency situations), the maintenance of electronic communication services and fire protection. 

They also include maintenance and operations of critical buildings, such as hospitals, care centers, grocery stores and infrastructure such as airports, subways and railways. 

Apart from the services critical to society, we do our utmost to continue providing services to all our customers.


Caverion is continuously monitoring the situation and will take the necessary steps to reduce the risks for transmitting and spreading the infection and we will update our plan for continuity accordingly. We are working closely with our customers to overcome these challenging times. 

For further information or any questions you may have, please contact your known Caverion representative or our Executive VP Kari Sundbäck at