Compliance and Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility

We contribute to our surrounding society in many different ways. 
Caverion applies high quality standards. 100% of Caverion
business is ISO 9001 quality certified.

ISO 9001 certified business

As a stock listed company, it is our duty to be a profitable
investment for our owners. However, we operate in a 
sustainable way. The satisfaction of our customers and well-
being of our employees and the surrounding environment and 
society are important to us.

Sponsorship guidelines

Caverion is committed to doing business transparently 
and responsibly, and Caverion sponsorship guidelines and 
instructions reflect this. The guidelines also reflect company
values and compliance with the Code of Conduct.
Sponsorships must never be given in order to gain an advantage
in a specific business transaction or opportunity. Sponsorships
must not be used as a means of concealing bribery, and nobody 
employed by or acting on behalf of Caverion may agree to offer 
or give any contribution that may be construed as a bribe, either 
directly or indirectly through a third party.

Caverion does not make financial contributions to political
parties or groups or to individual politicians.

Respecting human rights 

In accordance with Caverion’s Code of Conduct, Caverion does 
not allow any kind of discrimination related to age, gender, 
nationality, social status, religion, physical or mental disability, 
political or other opinions, sexual orientation, or any other 
factor. Caverion’s Code of Conduct also guides actively towards 
improved equality and promotes gender equality and diversity.
Human rights arising out of international treaties are respected. 
Caverion applies a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, 
harassment, or any unlawful action.  

The Code of Conduct defines also how suspected misconduct
should be reported, how it is investigated and how the issue 
proceeds. Any reports of suspected misconduct are investigated 
confidentially without undue delay. We will without delay take
the necessary measures if signs of illegal or unethical action are 
detected in our business operations or supply network. 

We have a web-based reporting channel through which 
employees can confidentially report their observations of
suspected misconduct. In addition, reports can be submitted via a 
dedicated email. The President and CEO of Caverion has made 
a clear statement that actions against persons making bona fide
reports in the ethical reporting channel will not be tolerated.

Against corruption and bribery

The Code of Conduct clearly sets out Caverion’s policy on 
corruption and bribery: Caverion applies a zero tolerance 
approach to corruption, bribery, anti-competitive practices, 
discrimination, harassment, or any unlawful action. 

The following principles guide Caverion’s relationship with its 
suppliers, subcontractors, and other business partners:

• Caverion does not tolerate any forms of bribery or other 
illegal payments in the relationships with its suppliers, 
subcontractors, and other business partners.

• Caverion does everything in its power to prevent bribery, 
corruption, and white collar crimes. 

Caverion supports open and fair competition in all its markets. 
Caverion complies with the applicable competition legislation 
in every activity and avoids situations where there is a risk that 
competition regulations could be breached.

Caverion monitors its anti-bribery policies by investigating all
reports made through its ethical reporting channel.
The channel is a web-based whistle-blowing tool and available
for all Caverion personnel. The anonymous whistle-blowing
channel has been in use since 2013, and all reports and
allegations are investigated by the Group’s compliance organisation.
In addition, reports can be submitted via email. The right and
obligation to report any misconduct is supported by the
non-retaliation policy set out in the Code of Conduct. Caverion
has a zero tolerance approach to any corruption or bribery.