Developing the best workplace

We are enhancing common Caverion culture and good 
foundation for the best workplace.

Right people in right places  

As people are at the heart of our business strategy and success, 
we need to be able to attract and retain the right people and offer 
them an interesting and motivating working environment as well 
as opportunities to learn through interesting job assignments. 

Our employees’ positive experiences form the basis of our 
employer image. In addition, we promote Caverion by being 
active on social media, attending recruitment fairs in educational 
institutions, arranging student excursions and hackathon events 
for innovations, and taking part in various campaigns that 
increase awareness of our industry, our company and our way 
of working. We always aim to recruit the most qualified and
suitable professionals. 

Opportunities for students

In 2018, we employed approximately 1,000 summer workers, 
apprentices, thesis students and trainees. 

Trainee programmes and thesis cooperation give us a great 
opportunity to be involved in the professional development 
of young students. In fact, trainee programmes constitute an 
important channel of recruitment for Caverion. Many of our best 
professionals first joined the company as trainees.

In order to develop education in our industry, we support 
cooperation with schools and institutes of higher education. 
Some of our employees even give classes at educational
institutions. In particular, we cooperate with vocational schools 
and universities of applied sciences in engineering. 

Encouraging professional growth

Caverion encourages its employees to pursue professional 
growth and supports them in learning and developing their skills 
further. The company uses the 70/20/10 model, which is based 
on the assumption that 70% of learning takes place on the job, 
20% comes from learning from others, and 10% comes from 
development programmes. 

Caverion uses a performance development process to set 
individual strategy-related targets and development plans for 
all employees. The performance development process provides 
an opportunity, for both managers and employees, to give and 
receive feedback on performance, cooperation and leadership. 
As part of the performance development process, every person 
is expected to do an individual development plan to develop 
their current and future competences. 

In 2018, we organised a total approximately 3,900 training 
events, which had 33,000 participants. Safety training
programmes had approximately 17,500 participants whereas 
technical discipline, general skills training and education 
programmes approximately 14,500 participants. The high 
increase in participants is due to the introduction of several 
e-learning modules in 2018.