Developing the best workplace

Caverion people make the difference

The business environment continues to evolve. The megatrends, world economy and increasing focus on sustainability have a big impact on our business and working conditions. We have continued to work on the same strategic focus areas:

Top performance at every level
Inspiring leadership
Right people in right places
Professional growth 

Our engagement survey Spirit was conducted in October 2019 with an all-time high response rate 85%. All our countries succeeded to improve the response rate, showing clearly the will of our employees to impact on our ways of working and common success. Results show that our people are really engaged. Our engagement index is 81% which is a good result and well above the benchmark companies’ result (78%).

We will utilise these results when defining the development areas for the next year. Leadership continues to be in the focus, and we made a decision to build a common people management system to support our leaders in their work. This new system will be launched during 2020, offering better insight for our leaders to support their decision-making in people related topics.

Focus in 2019, was in developing the competences needed in our project and service management and technical competence areas. In 2019, we continued our well recognised practice to grow trainee-ships and apprenticeships to get competent people for Caverion. Caverion Finland was rewarded as the “Most responsible summer job employer 2019” in big companies’ category (over 1000 employees). This is a result of a well-organised recruitment and on-boarding as well as good leadership and support from the managers.

Developing culture and competences

We are enhancing common Caverion culture and creating a good foundation for the best workplace in many ways. As a part of our strategy update in 2019, we started a Caverion cultural journey by conducting both internal and external research of our current culture. Our engagement survey Spirit, as well as our customer satisfaction survey, also gave a lot of good information. The target is to strengthen our best practices and define how we need to develop our ways of working to build our future success.

During autumn 2019, we ran local workshops with the aim of understanding better our current ways of working and areas to improve going forward. Workshops had participants from all employee groups, approximately 250 employees were five different countries. The outcomes of the workshops was digitally collected and carefully analysed. During 2020, we will continue in our cultural journey by involving different stakeholders to the discussion. As a result we will define the key drivers for Caverion culture and how to live it in our everyday life. 

Leadership skills are actively developed

During 2019, we offered for our leaders various types of leadership development trainings, mentoring programmes and workshops on team development and feedback throughout Caverion. These events had approximately 3,900 participants in total.

In 2019, we focused especially on implementing a common leadership training for all new managers in Caverion to ensure their success in the new leadership role. The Caverion level leadership development programme License to Lead was developed during 2018 and since the beginning of 2019 the implementation has been going full speed ahead. The training programme consists of individual learning, classroom trainings, eLearning and videos.

We had a new leadership programme called Step Ahead in Norway and in Finland, and Division Industrial Solutions continued to roll out the Caverion-wide Leadership Safari programme. In addition we organised several other local leadership trainings in all our countries during the year.