Developing and engaging leaders

Our leadership in Caverion is based on the common leadership principles where openness and trust are the cornerstones to be successful at a leadership role. 

Our leadership principles are: 

  • We lead courageously by example.
  • We set challenging goals and provide honest and constructive feedback.
  • We encourage the personal and professional development of competences and support innovative approaches.
  • We care about our people’s wellbeing
  • We remain open and approachable regardless of our position.
  • We give responsibility and authority.

Leadership skills are actively developed

During the year 2016, we organised various types of training, workshop and coaching events to develop leadership throughout Caverion. These events had a total of 700 participants.

In 2016, the Caverion wide Leadership Safari program continued to roll out in Finland and was started in Eastern Europe. 

In addition to Leadership Safari, we organised several other leadership development programs during the year. The themes of these programs include, for instance, the role and responsibilities of a line manager, leading performance and competence development, basic employment and occupational safety matters, leading diversity and management communications. 

We also offer line managers an opportunity to develop their own leadership skills and behaviours on the basis of 360-degree feedback. In a 360-degree feedback, leadership skills are evaluated, in addition to the person himself or herself, by the person’s line manager, direct reports and colleagues.

Leader Forum 

For Caverion’s key executives we arrange regular Caverion Leader Forum events. These events concentrate on the strategy and the strategic focus areas of our business and operations as well as on sharing knowledge and group-wide networking. 

In 2016, we organized one Leader Forum seminar in which approximately top 100 leaders participated.