Our approach

We aim at reducing negative environmental impacts

We aim at reducing negative environmental impacts in our external and internal services and solutions.

We take care of the entire life cycle of our clients’ properties and industrial facilities. At the same time, we extend their service life and ensure that their energy use is efficient through professional design, efficient technical solutions and quality implementation, as well as comprehensive operation and maintenance. Energy efficiency is integrated in all of our services.

We bear responsibility also for the environmental impact of our own operations. The emissions generated by our own operations are mainly due to the fuel consumption of our service cars. For the transport of both material and people, we use logistical solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We emphasise the efficient planning of routes and an economical way of driving.

We emphasise excellent leadership

Our aim is to be the most attractive employer in our field of business. We focus particularly on performance management, continuous career-long learning, fair and motivating rewarding as well as a safe working environment and wellbeing at work. We ensure that competent people work in the right places and offer them opportunities to advance in their careers, also internationally. We are developing a strong culture of client service.

Occupational health and safety are important to us. Our goal is to become an accident-free workplace. By improving our working methods, introducing safety into everyday management activities and training our personnel on safe working methods, we have been able to decrease the number of occupational accidents during the past few years. We focus on preventive safety work: safety starts with the anticipation of risks and the active reporting of safety observations.

Continuous learning is included in our core values. We aim to secure the commitment and motivation of our personnel by supporting the development of their professional skills and by offering them opportunities for advancing in their careers. At Caverion, competence development is based on on-the-job learning, which we supplement with a variety of courses and trainings.

We ensure high quality service

We offer our clients services, due to which their properties, industrial facilities and processes are not only energy and cost-efficient, but also sustainable, functional and safe. We want to take good care of client satisfaction. Our goal is that excellent quality is shown in everything we do – starting from the very first contact. We provide our clients with added value through new and advanced services and solutions. We also demonstrate good service attitude.

We operate responsibly

We do not exercise or accept any form of corruption, extortion or bribery and we are committed to working against these practices.

We do not tolerate grey economy, or any other illegal activity in any form. We will take any necessary measures without delay, should we detect any signs of illegal or unethical action in our business operations or supply network. More, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, including discrimination related to age, gender, national and social origin, religion, physical or mental handicap, political or other opinion or sexual orientation. Nor do we tolerate any kind of harassment or bullying in the workplace.

We support open and fair competition in all markets. We comply with the applicable competition legislation in everything we do and avoid situations where there is a risk that the competition regulations could be breached. 

Regarding economic performance, we strive for ensuring good return on investment, good risk management, and future growth potential.

During 2018 Caverion will define updates to the key sustainability KPI´s.