Management of corporate responsibility

Our objective is that everything we do reflects responsible way of operating. The corporate responsibility activities are included in the normal management of the Group on all organisational levels.

Responsible conduct is guided and defined by the following elements:

We are committed to good corporate governance and comply with all of the recommendations of the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association.

The Group Management Board member who is in charge of Group development and support is also in charge of the management of corporate responsibility. In addition, heads of Group Marketing & Communications, Legal and People & HR participate in the development and coordination of responsibility issues. The Group Management Board reviews issues that require action from business areas and countries. The division heads are responsible for the enforcement of decisions in their respective divisions.

The President and CEO of the Group is responsible for the implementation of Caverion’s Code of Conduct approved by the Board of Directors. The Group Compliance and Ethics Team provides assistance to the President and CEO and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to enable Caverion to operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and appropriate ethical business standards.

Team consists of persons having the following positions at Caverion Group:

  • President and CEO of Caverion Group
  • Chief Financial Officer of Caverion Group
  • Heads of two Divisions  (per separate appointment)
  • Corporate General Counsel
  • Head of Internal Audit
  • Senior Vice President Human Resources
  • Vice President Marketing and Communications
  • Group Heads of Procurement
  • Head of Compliance


The Group Compliance and Ethics Team  has meetings when needed. In 2016 it had three meetings.