Disclosure on management approach

This page summarises Caverion’s approach to managing sustainability topics, and is provided in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines.

We aim at reducing negative environmental impacts

Approach and goals: We aim at reducing negative environmental impacts in our external and internal services and solutions  

Material aspects: Energy, emissions, products and services

Monitoring and follow-up: Sustainability reporting, reports to CDP, local monitoring

Policies: Code of Conduct, ISO standards

Responsibilities &  Resources:

  • Group development
  • Entire line organization
  • Group R&D 

We emphasise excellent leadership

Approach and goals: Our goal is to have an accident free workplace and also to secure the well-being of our employees and great leadership that is based on openness and trust.

Material aspects: Occupational health and safety, training and education, compliance

Monitoring and follow-up: Performance Development Process (MBKR), Employee Engagement Survey, Code of Conduct –e-learning, Common Leadership Safari Program

Policies: Compensations guideline, Job structure guideline, Code of Conduct

Responsibilities &  Resources:

  • Steering group
  • Group HR & People + division HR
  • Each line manager

We ensure high quality service

Approach and goals: We offer our clients services, due to which their properties, industrial facilities and processes are not only energy and cost-efficient, but also sustainable, functional and safe.

Material aspects: Customer health and safety, training and education

Monitoring and follow-up:  Service level agreements, Training

Policies: ISO standards, Product safety, Code of Conduct

Responsibilities &  Resources:

  • Group development, Service, Projects
  • Divisions

We operate responsibly

Approach and goals: We operate fully in accordance with rules and regulations, our Code of Conduct and company values.

Material aspects: Anti-corruption, compliance, non-discrimination, anti-competitive behaviour, economic performance

Monitoring and follow-up: Risk management and compliance, whistle-blowing channels, training

Policies: Values, leadership principles and corporate culture, Code of Conduct, Competition law guidelines, Supplier Code of Conduct, Governance principles, and Risk management

Responsibilities &  Resources:

  • Group HR & People
  • Group Risk Management & Compliance
  • Group Legal 
  • Internal Audit