Materiality assessment

Through materiality assessment, we aim at identifying the key sustainability themes and aspects for Caverion and our stakeholders. These aspects have been defined according to GRI G4 reporting guidelines. Our first materiality assessment was completed in 2015.

In the materiality assessment 2015 we included internal stakeholders’ opinion on key sustainability aspects, and their estimate of what is significant to our external stakeholders. In the future we are planning to develop the assessment and include also more interaction with external stakeholders.

The results show that we identified 11 material aspects (GRI, G4-19). They are further described in the disclore of management approach and also in our key responsibility themes. 

Material aspects:

Economic performance



Products and services

Occupational health and safety

Training and education



Anti-competitive behaviour


Customer health and safety


Our reporting covers only Caverion's own operations. Subsidiaries are included in the reporting scope. The boundary for all the material aspects is Caverion Group.