How to save energy for commercial and public buildings

Learn how to save the energy costs of your property 

Here are some examples of the immediate action you can take: 

  • Adjust the ventilation system
  • Reduce indoor lighting and lighting levels
  • Shorten the operating hours of outdoor lighting and advertising
  • Reduce the use of cooling systems
  • Re-evaluate and reduce the heating, lighting, and cooling of spaces with little use.

How to do these in practice and what are the recommended values for building technology? What should be done in the long-term?

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Let's find your energy savings potential

Ida Johansson
Ida Johansson
Product Leader for Advisory Services

How can our services help?

Get your energy consumption analysed

Our goal is to optimise all technical building systems in order to minimise energy consumption, without sacrificing building user experience and conditions. By having your property data collected and analysed, you can learn if the heating level meets the current rate of utilisation and how your property is doing in terms of energy efficiency. 

Energy advisory services

Secure the value of your property with the help of Energy saving projects

Choosing energy efficient building systems, services, maintenance and automation can result in over 30% savings in building energy consumption. Significant savings often come simply from optimizing the settings of different building technology systems.

Energy saving projects

Rely on 24/7 surveillance

Caverion Remote Centre tracks the functionality of the building’s solutions every day of the week. Our remote centre can help take care of up to 95% of maintenance visits. Our professionals can complete the adjustments required to adapt to these exceptional circumstances without any on-site visit. 

Remote Services

Energy transition is here to stay

Energy transition is here to stay

The transition towards fossil free energy production means that the fluctuation of energy prices is here to stay. In his recent blog post, our energy and refrigeration expert analyses the current energy crisis and re-examines how to find sustainable solutions for properties for winter and the years to come. 

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