Energy Industry

We have long experience with clients in the field of energy generation and distribution. Our knowhow secures safe and efficient processes and professional maintenance as well as building future competence of a power plant and distribution network. We offer you an outsourced local team for skilled maintenance, installations, inspections and local operations.

Our code of conduct ensures a high level of corporate responsibility, an important part of operations when implementing for example a new operating model. All our actions meet high standards of work and process safety as well as strict environmental requirements.   

Early start for cooperation

Starting cooperation in early design and engineering phase, enables us to provide you a solution that is financially, technically and operationally optimal. Our knowhow realises in efficient project execution and consideration of all technical aspects, including maintenance, already in the planning phase. We carry out installations projects for the energy industry everywhere in Europe and deliver prefabricated products worldwide. 

Efficiency with prefabrication

In installations, we use prefabricated components, such as ducts for the supply air machines and exhaust air fans and optimised material flows to ensure efficient project management and scheduling, shortened lead times and reduced installation work on-site. Work and process safety has always a high priority in our projects.

Our comprehensives service offering helps you to achieve

  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Process efficiency increase in all types of power plants
  • Minimised downtime due to preventive repair and maintenance, 24/7 service
  • Installations in tight schedule, prefabricated components
  • Outsourced resources and expertise for professional preventive maintenance
  • High competence in commissioning nuclear power plant shutdowns 

Managing all building systems

We also have the competence to develop and manage building technology, automation and facility services at Energy Industry plants. We can cover all Technical Maintenance and manage all real estate services. Our Managed Services secure operational performance, energy efficiency and sustained property value for the entire life cycle. 

The property can be connected to a remote monitoring and management service to ensure the required conditions. We can develop and install security systems such as access control, central alarm stations, intrusion alarms, video surveillance and fire protection systems, all on advanced platforms. 

You will have a transparent service from a single supplier with one point of contact for all of your needs. We are your responsible and financially stable partner with wide-ranging expertise and long-term engagement.


“The new operating model helps us to renew operations and adjust to changing needs. The company’s future investments will focus on sustainably developing the existing production system.   We succeeded in reaching an understanding with Caverion regarding the extent and qualitative content of services. In our selection criteria, we placed special focus on experience and resources, service execution and sustainable operations.” – Tuomas Timonen, President and CEO, Kemijoki Oy.

“We are glad that Caverion won the tight international bidding competition, which was arranged according to the Act on Public Contracts. We value Caverion’s proven track record on similar total deliveries of power plant pipe systems. It is a good thing for the project that the detailed planning for the high-pressure piping can be started well in advance,” says Tapani Bastman, CEO at Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto.

“Safety is one of the cornerstones of our operations, and we have also taken into account Caverion’s actions to develop occupational safety. In addition to daily basic work, we consider the agreement to provide us with added value for our development activities,” says Kari Kuusela, Executive Vice President at Fingrid.