Forest, Pulp & Paper Industry

In the forest, pulp and paper industry, we offer cutting-edge expertise in process improvement, technical solutions and maintenance for cost-efficient production. Together with our clients, we build solid partnerships based on efficient and productive solutions and integrated professional resources

We offer the best knowledge and technology together with our extensive industry experience for each client’s individual needs. In practice, this translates into undisrupted operations without unpredictable, time-consuming and expensive downtime in production. We use processes that are proven to work well in practice. 

Aiming for high process availability 

Our process development and maintenance services for the forest, pulp and paper industry are among the core competencies of Caverion’s Industrial Solutions. These include process design and management leveraging the Industrial Internet and efficient software, operative maintenance services from mechanical to electrical automation, and maintenance outsourcing partnerships. All of these aim for improved availability in production.

Our comprehensive service offering helps you to achieve

  • Preventive safety work resulting in reduced LTIFR 
  • Cost-efficient processes
  • High service level: efficient and reliable equipment
  • Minimised downtime: prefabrication, preventive maintenance
  • Reduced production losses
  • Resources and expertise for fluctuating demand and new client needs
  • Professional management of personnel takeovers (outsourcing)
  • Competent, service-minded technicians
  • Professional management of client assets
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Process development and maintenance services

Managing all building systems

We also have the competence to develop and manage building systems, automation and facility services at Forest, Pulp and Paper plants. We can cover all Technical Maintenance and manage all real estate services. Our Managed Services secure operational performance, energy efficiency and sustained property value for the entire life cycle. 

The property can be connected to a remote monitoring and management service to ensure the required conditions. We can develop and install security systems such as access control, central alarm stations, intrusion alarms, video surveillance and fire protection systems, all on advanced platforms. 

You will have a transparent service from a single supplier with one point of contact for all of your needs. We are your responsible and financially stable partner with wide-ranging expertise and long-term engagement.


“Our strategic partnership is based on a long-term relationship, strong mutual trust and a jointly developed strategic partnership model that has created significant competitive advantage for Metsä Fibre. Usability, cost management and continuous development have progressed successfully under Caverion's management.” – Ilkka Hämälä, CEO