Information and Communications Technology 

We have in-depth experience in cooperation with information and communications technology companies. Our expertise covers energy-efficient data centres, equipment bays, networks and advanced clean rooms. We can design and build facilities as well as install and maintain cooling devices, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, fire protection and control systems. We are able to support our clients in building and maintaining local networks in buildings, as well as networks in and between cities or countries. 

We understand the importance of physical and data security, strict confidentiality and demands for minimum downtime. Our projects and dedicated professional teams fulfil strict requirements for ICT services and technology. In the indoor environment we recognise not only the need for a healthy and safe climate for people but also the necessity of efficient ventilation – optimising temperature and air humidity for equipment.

Our comprehensives service offering helps you to achieve

  • High functionality and risk control 
  • Suitable building systems and automation for uninterrupted, energy-efficient operations 
  • Required conditions and optimal energy use with remote monitoring and managing of building systems operations 
  • Reliable backup and security systems on advanced platforms: access control, central alarm stations, intrusion alarms, video surveillance and security networks
  • Reliable technical maintenance 
  • Minimised downtime due to preventive repair and maintenance and 24/7 service

Managing all building systems

We have the competence to develop and manage building systems, automation and facility services in all Information and Communications Technology facilities. We can cover all Technical Maintenance and manage all real estate services. Our Managed Services secure operational performance, energy efficiency and sustained property value for the entire life cycle. 

The property can be connected to a remote monitoring and management service to ensure the required conditions. We can develop and install security systems such as access control, central alarm stations, intrusion alarms, video surveillance and fire protection systems, all on advanced platforms. 

You will have a transparent service from a single supplier with one point of contact for all of your needs. We are your responsible and financially stable partner with wide-ranging expertise and long-term engagement.