Public Health Care

We understand the challenges and special characteristics related to public health care properties. We have extensive experience and a proven track record of client relationships in this sector, including hospitals, health care centres, laboratories and other providers of public social and health care services. We manage the entire life cycle of the property and its conditions. 

Our wide service offering helps you to achieve:

  • Optimal conditions for demanding medical procedures, research and equipment and for ensuring smooth healing processes
  • Transformable interior spaces that can be flexibly converted for different purposes
  • Constant indoor air quality
  • High-end safety solutions and guaranteed safety on the premises
  • Integrated technical solutions utilising digitalisation and automation
  • Advanced clean room facilities

Our life cycle models help health care organisations to optimise the use of their buildings over the long term. The returns on investments in energy efficiency can be high over the building’s life cycle. Read more about our Energy Performance Contracting.

Our current clients include smaller health care units and large hospitals, such as the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, Sweden, which is one of northern Europe’s largest hospitals. There we work in partnership with our client in order to develop a hospital for the future. 

We also have proven expertise in equipping high security areas, such as high security laboratories at Marburg University, the Bernhard Nocht Institute of Hamburg, the Robert Koch Institute of Berlin and Berlin-Brandenburg State Laboratory (LLBB) in Berlin.

Full responsibility for public health care properties

Caverion can take full responsibility for planning, building, operating and maintaining all technical systems and solutions in public health care properties.

You will have a transparent service from a single supplier with one point of contact for all your needs. We are your responsible and financially stable partner with wide-ranging expertise and long-term engagement.


“The knowledge centre was a complicated project, with high demands of energy efficiency. Caverion delivered all of the technical solutions, and through  good cooperation, the project was a success. Caverion’s user-friendly and energy-efficient solutions ensure smooth operations throughout the building's life cycle,” says Lars Abrahamsen, Chief Development Manager, Helsebygg Midt-Norge (Health care buildings mid-Norway).