Building Management System (BMS)

The single most critical element of a smart building is the building management system, which controls all of the building technology. It enables communication between all connected technical building systems, automating the control of energy-efficient and comfortable buildings. It is designed to be flexible and scalable in order to meet all the current and upcoming requirements from the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and related national regulations. The BMS also acts as the link between the smart building and the surrounding city. 

What a future-proof BMS should provide:

  • Flexibility and cost-efficiency
  • Fully open interface and communication protocols
  • Modular approach allows for scalability and adaptability at a competitive price regardless of the complexity
  • Clarity & transparency
  • The digital platform Caverion SmartView shows you the specific KPI that matter to you
  • User friendly dashboards alert you when action is needed
  • Predictability and proactivity
  • Consistent lifecycle performance 
  • Unique reliability through the combination of monitoring and control with Caverion cloud services
  • A single provider for the lifecycle that ensures commitment and system interoperability
  • longevity with high level components and local management
  • Security of delivery and low risk of errors
  • Modifiable and modular libraries secure a consistent, proven and risk free delivery at a low cost

Caverion Building Management System enables your smart building and future value creation. Contact us and let’s discuss more how we can implement this as a part of your future.