A correctly selected and maintained cooling system keeps the energy efficiency and temperature stabile regardless of what the outdoor circumstances are. Our cooling solutions include traditional air cooling and refrigeration solutions for buildings, industries, and special premises such as data centres, cold stores, and ice hockey arenas.

Cost savings by correct integrations

By planning and implementing the correct integration of cooling solutions to other technical processes we enable cost savings at both the device investment as well as the operating costs. As a device-independent partner, we help our clients to select optimised, production efficient and environmentally friendly systems and solutions.

We take care of the whole life cycle

We take care of the statutory obligations on behalf of our clients, leak checks, and annual maintenance, as well as the realising of the environmental requirements.

Our cold engineering professionals service network is responsible for cooling systems throughout the life cycle service, from installation to recycling.

Authorities have defined certain criteria for these works to make sure that the quality of the work is at the professional level. Our employees have required licences and qualifications to fulfil these demands.

Control room and Call Centre works in close cooperation

Caverion's control room provides 24/7 centralized supervision and responses to building system processes. The control room works in close cooperation with the Call Centre personnel who register the service requests from the customers. Together, these activities form Caverion's customer service centre which is available for contract customers on any day and at any time.