Data centre cooling

The electrical power used in data centres generates a lot of heat, which may cause interruptions in services if the cooling of the room is insufficient. An efficient cooling system curbs the energy consumption in the data centre and ensures that an excessive heat load will not cause service interruptions which would ultimately result in extra delays for the users of the services. We offer versatile services for the cooling of data centres, server rooms and IT centres.

Our offering covers for the entire life cycle of your data centre

Thanks to our strong technical expertise, we are able to provide all data centre cooling solutions. We are not dependent on any particular supplier but can help our clients to choose the systems that best meet their particular requirements regardless of the brand of the equipment.

After the delivery, we take care of the maintenance of the data centre cooling so that the settings are always optimal and the energy consumption is minimized. Technical systems in the data centre can be connected to Caverion’s 24/7 remote monitoring system, which makes sure that everything is functioning as it should. From the control room we monitor the performance of the systems in real time and carry out corrective measures if necessary.

Reduce waste heat and shrink your electric bill

A considerable portion of the total energy consumption of the data centre comes from the cooling. That is why cooling often offers the largest energy-saving potential in data centres. A correctly chosen cooling system is capable of keeping the data centre at an optimal temperature but will not over-cool it.

Modern equipment rooms are primarily cooled with water-cooled cables or utilising the so-called hot/cold aisles between the server rack rows. Free cooling, in which cool outdoor air is utilised in chiller units, is a suitable and ecological solution for data centres. Cooling generates waste heat which can be used in the heating of rooms and stairwells, for example. This cooling method is excellent for example in the Finnish climate in which cold air is practically free.

A data centre may also be cooled using district cooling, if available in the area. Chilled water from a production facility is delivered via a network of pipes to end users. District cooling reuses energy as the waste heat generated by the cooling process is processed for the purpose of district heating and delivered to where heating is required.

All technical systems from a single partner

Our expertise is not limited to cooling systems but our services include all technical systems of data centres. In addition to cooling, our offering includes HVAC, electrification and automation solutions. Our clients can be sure that the cooling solution forms an integral part of a functioning whole.

Thanks to our extensive resources, we can also handle tight deadlines. The high quality of our services is always ensured by our own expert staff.