Electric tracing installations for complex processes

Electric tracing installations for complex processes require specialist know-how. Caverion is one of the leading suppliers of electric tracing for the process industry in Finland. We offer installation and projectisation as well as scheduled maintenance services for electric tracing and area heating systems. 

We provide total technical solutions for the design and installation of electric tracing and area heating systems as well as pipe insulation related to the antifreeze and heating systems for industrial production processes.

Our electric tracing installation and projectisation offering includes:

  • Design & Engineering: dimensioning and design
  • deliveries of installation materials 
  • Project Execution: pipe insulation work and materials, installation work and related support services
  • Project Management 
  • reporting and follow-up services
  • inspections and tests according to regulations 
  • plant commissioning plans

Scheduled maintenance of electric tracing systems 

We also offer scheduled maintenance for antifreeze, process heating and area heating systems.

Our service includes the scheduled maintenance and technical assessment of the electric tracing systems in plants and production processes. A plant-specific description of the service, specifying its extent, contents and documentation, is prepared together with the client.

The scheduled maintenance includes: 

  • inspection of electric tracing centres
  • checking of the testing values and settings of control equipment
  • functional testing of alarms
  • inspection of heating groups, including insulation resistance testing as well as resistance and current sensor measurements 
  • fault current testing
  • inspection of feed and control cabling in field boxes
  • inspection of markings
  • inspection of insulation
  • inspection of documentation
  • reporting