Power plant boilers

We offer services for boiler room repairs, process changes, maintenance and new investments. Our services are focused on the manufacture and installation of boiler structures and components, often including detailed structural engineering.

Our strengths in repair and maintenance include quick service, site-specific solutions and highly competent installation crews. We have sufficient resources for all situations and extensive projects as we are able to utilise our skilled labour force in our other units. We have decades-long experience in the maintenance of power plant boilers.

Quick deliveries enable our clients to minimise shutdown periods. In addition to our expertise, we have the right attitude. We are ready to provide service around the clock.

Components we provide for power plant boilers

  • Evaporator and economiser packages
  • Superheater packages
  • Water-cooled ducts
  • Air preheaters
  • Grate solutions for BFB boilers
  • Membrane-type wall pipes