Reducers and hemispherical ends

Reducers and hemispherical ends are important in challenging high-pressure pipelines. Reducers and hemispherical ends are often acquired as expensive forgings with long delivery times. 

Specialty parts by hot forming

We make these specialty parts by hot forming tube or sheet material in a cost-efficient way. We have strong technical expertise and versatile procedure tests for the hot forming and heat treatment of varied materials.

Thanks to hot forming, our specialty parts are not expensive. The cost is lower as no expensive forgings are required. Furthermore, the number of weldings is lower since the forming is carried out directly onto the pipe end. We stock the most commonly used heat-resistant materials, which enables quick deliveries.

For us, quality always comes first

In our workshop, quality assurance is applied at every work phase. We turn the designer’s idea into a concrete product which is then delivered to the customer.
Hot forming can also be utilised for making T-fittings, which reduces the amount of circular welds needed. This will reduce lead times and improve quality.