A sprinkler system is a reliable fire extinguishing system

The sprinkler system is an automatic fire-extinguishing system the primary task of which is to put out a fire once it has been detected. At the same time, the sprinkler system sends an emergency message to a predetermined location, such as a regional emergency response centre. The individual sprinkler heads are connected to a water supply system and, in a fire, react to an elevated temperature and start spraying water into the room.

As a fire extinguishing system, it is very effective and it also protects people and gives them extra time to escape. The cost of the system is modest and, thanks to its operational reliability, it is an excellent extinguishing solution for all kinds of properties.

A sprinkler system is suitable for:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Office buildings and commercial properties
  • Logistics centres and warehouses
  • Underground premises (tunnels, shelters, parking garages)
  • Public buildings (hospitals, health care centres, parish halls, assembly halls)
  • Senior housing

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