Clean room ventilation

We are highly experienced in the field of cleanroom ventilation: we design, install, commission and validate cleanroom ventilation solutions. We provide cleanroom solutions for biomedical companies, the electronics industry and hospitals on a turnkey basis. We also provide fire suppression solutions, process control solutions, electrical engineering, etc. for cleanroom facilities. 

Our own research and development unit in Aachen, Germany, carries out the ventilation engineering required for challenging environments and delivers the equipment needed. We also have a unit in Sweden specialised in cleanroom facilities.

Cleanroom ventilation solutions for

  • Hospitals (operating theatres, laboratories, etc.)
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical industry
  • Electronics industry, nanotechnology, etc.

Our offering

  • Cleanroom advisory services: feasibility studies, design and implementation, also for existing properties
  • Advisory services: Rating and validation of premises
  • Project Execution: Retail and installation of cleanroom products: CleanPlus®
  • Design & Engineering: Implementation plans for premises and systems
  • Testing and quality assurance