What is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom offers the maximum control over the quantity of airborne particles, temperature, ambient humidity, differential pressure and levels of static electricity, for example.

Controlled process environment

Some industries need a controlled process environment in cases where production processes, regulations and/or industry agreements (such as GMP or good manufacturing practice) impose requirements on the minimum levels of airborne particles and demand maximum control over the temperature, ambient humidity, differential pressure and levels of static electricity.

Caverion offers comprehensive cleanroom solutions, qualification and testing services for cleanrooms. Our experts have extensive experience in project management, design, construction and installation as part of validated cleanroom projects.

Wide-ranging market for cleanrooms

We have customers from the electronics, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology industries who need cleanroom solutions. We also supply hospitals, operating theatres and other premises that require contamination control.


Caverion's experts have developed a comprehensive range of trademarked products for cleanrooms. CleanPlus products provide optimum control over the indoor environment and have a wide variety of different applications.

CleanPlus meets the requirements of GMP and all the applicable cleanroom standards. The products comply with the highest standards of hygiene control, quality, flexibility and durability. All CleanPlus products have been developed and constructed by Caverion's own engineers.

Turnkey projects

CleanPlus products form the basis of Caverion's turnkey solutions, which are designed to meet your company's needs. We support you throughout the entire process, from the initial design phase right through to qualification and validation. This guarantees that the cleanroom will meet your business's needs for many years to come.

Conceptual design

The first stage in the process of developing a reliable solution is to analyse your future requirements. On the basis of this analysis, we produce an overall design for the system. The solution is not finalised at this early stage, but the experiences from the conceptual design process form the basis for the subsequent stages. 

Basic & detailed design

During the design phase, your requirements are specified and we produce a fixed-price quotation. We also draw up a schedule in which Caverion takes responsibility for the deliverables on the basis of the agreed requirements specification.

Turnkey solutions with a fixed price

Next comes the implementation phase. Caverion is responsible for the entire process and produces finalised documents based on the functional requirements and system prerequisites. We supply the materials, complete the installation and ensure that all the functional requirements for your cleanroom are met.

Qualification and validation process

The qualification of the system and equipment is an important part of the validation process and is governed by the EU's GMP guidelines. In the case of GMP projects, Caverion often takes responsibility for carrying out the final tests of the design, installation, functions and results.

Cleanrooms with total quality

CleanPlus cleanrooms are developed and constructed for use in high-tech, challenging environments with high standards of hygiene, quality, flexibility, durability and total cost of ownership. The finished solution meets all the requirements of GMP and other applicable standards. CleanPlus products have extremely smooth and impenetrable surfaces that can be cleaned quickly and safely. They also have high levels of mechanical strength and are manufactured and installed with great precision. All of this results in a long service life and a consistently high quality.

Design and manufacturing with short lead times

Caverion's cleanroom solutions are developed by our own designers who have many years of experience. The cleanrooms are installed by specialist assembly supervisors and cleanroom installers. The majority of the materials and all the components are manufactured in the Nordic countries. The use of state-of-the-art CAD and IT systems, prefabrication and customer-focused production allows us to offer short lead times, fast deliveries and quick installation processes.


We also offer a complete range of maintenance services with high levels of availability. Caverion is represented in several European countries and provides the same high-quality services regardless of where our customers' businesses are based.