Caverion ClimaCeil is the ultimate all-in-one solution

ClimaCeil revolutionises old ideas about the implementation of building automation systems. ClimaCeil is an automation component that links together all the automation systems needed in an office building. That means a compact, cost-effective solution. 

Pathway for all installations

Ventilation, electricity, data – also wireless transfers, telecommunications, sprinkler systems and central vacuum cleaner – all in one place: in the ceiling. That’s why Caverion ClimaCeil is called “the building’s technical highway”.

Advanced ventilation system

Energy-saving, draught-free, virtually silent ventilation/cooling without the use of ice water out on the floors. Simple air volume/temperature control

For renovation

ClimaCeil is an excellent choice for both new buildings and renovation projects. Changes such as adding new interior walls are easy, thanks to the integrated building automation component, which contains all the necessary systems.

For building owners

ClimaCeil is energy efficient, it ensures an optimal indoor climate and makes it easy and cost-effective to renovate. This makes it a very good product for securing tenants.

For general contractors

Integration of the buildings automation systems in one component puts a large part of the work outside the plant site, in prefabrication. This saves time, and improves the quality of the complete solution. It also reduces the need for adaptation work. ClimaCeil components for building automation are delivered ready for installation and use.

For end-users

Cost-effective ClimaCeil includes the necessary power and data cables, and saves space, since no separate radiators are needed. ClimaCeil comes in the colour of your choice. The standard colour is RAL 9010.

Integrated functions in ClimaCeil building automation components


Lighting is an important standard function in ClimaCeil. It is implemented as an energy-efficient LED solution.


With ClimaCeil, you can provide suitable and uniform ventilation in all types of spaces. The speed of the air stream and degree of circulation is set so that those working in the rooms do not feel draughts.


In the warm months, ClimaCeil cools rooms efficiently and quietly, without draughts, and keeps the temperature constantly at the target value.


ClimaCeil keeps the room temperature within the set limits year round. In the cold months, ClimaCeil’s automatic and reliable heating function ensures that rooms are warm and comfortable.


Electrical cables extend from the ClimaCeil components down to desktops with tidy, customisable cable elements. It is also possible to have electrical outlets installed in ClimaCeil components.

Communication cables

Communication cables for computers extend down to desktops along with the power cables.

Automatic control

An integrated automatic control system in the ClimaCeil component keeps temperatures and other parameters within the individual settings that the user has set. The parameters can be monitored centrally in the building automation control centre. Presence data can be used for analysing usage levels in different areas, or the amount of electricity used in lighting offices.

Fits anywhere

Caverion ClimaCeil is the right choice for office buildings, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, industrial buildings, hotels and a number of other building types. Caverion ClimaCeil now covers around 2 million m2 of privately and publicly owned buildings in this country.