Caverion as an investment

Why invest in Caverion?


We are a leading European service company

We have an excellent technical competence, extensive client base and strong position in our market. We are among the top 5 players in our key operating countries.

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Our short-term focus is on profitability improvement

Short-term we are focusing on profitability improvement due to recent challenges in our Projects business. We have implemented actions to improve profitability and seek savings from restructuring actions as well as administration and procurement efficiency. 

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Our business covers the whole life cycle

Our Services and Projects business units support each other and together enable growth towards high-end life cycle solutions for buildings and industries. Despite the recent challenges in Projects the Services are performing well.

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Ari Lehtoranta

We operate in asset-light, cash generative business

Caverion's business is labour-intensive and typically requires little investments. Solid services business improves the predictability of cash flow. Our operating cash flow is seasonal with Q4 typically being the strongest quarter. We are actively focusing on reducing the seasonality of our business.

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Megatrends support the future demand of our business

Our strategy is built on four megatrends: increasing technology, energy efficiency, digitalisation and urbanisation. Together these megatrends support the future demand of our business. 

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