Business units


Caverion has two business units: Projects and Services. 


Caverion provides its customers complete services, ranging from technical maintenance and facility management to smart solutions, and energy and advisory services. Being a forerunner in technology, digitalisation, and energy efficiency, supported by wide service network and remote management, we can offer our customers flexible and high-quality service. Our goal is to be a leading service company and customers’ trusted partner, and grow faster than the market.

In Finland Caverion is the leading industrial maintenance company. Our service offering covers the maintenance of production processes: from individual services to comprehensive maintenance partnerships. 

The revenue of the Services business unit increased and was EUR 986.4 (912.4) million in January–September, an increase of 8.1 percent, or 10.1 percent in local currencies.

The Services business unit accounted for 62.6 (59.5) percent of Group revenue in January–September.



Caverion delivers building technology projects for customers’ renovations and new investments. Our competitive edges in the Projects business are based on our international footprint, full range of technical solutions, design and build competence, and integrated life cycle deliveries including the maintenance as well. We are building project productivity and quality through professional project management, prefabrication, and being a forerunner in digitalising project planning and execution (BIM). Our goal is to be a selective master of projects with profitable project business supporting service growth. 

The revenue of the Projects business unit was EUR 589.3 (621.8) million in January–September, a decrease of 5.2 percent, or 4.4 percent in local currencies.

The Projects business unit accounted for 37.4 (40.5) percent of Group revenue in January–September 2020.