Operating environment

Financial Statement Release 1 January - 31 December 2017 (published February 7, 2018)

Operating environment in the fourth quarter and during 2017

The overall market situation was relatively positive and stable throughout the period. Demand developed favourably in Finnish, Swedish and German markets. In Danish and Norwegian markets, the general economy and demand situation recovered from the previous year, supported by public demand. In Industrial Solutions division the market was stable in industrial maintenance. The markets for the divisions Eastern Europe and Austria also remained stable. 


Demand for Technical Maintenance and Managed Services remained strong. Opportunities for Caverion in terms of outsourced operations and maintenance increased. Interest in private public partnerships and other Life Cycle Solutions was good in the Nordic countries while these kind of commercial models still represent only a marginal part of the entire market.


The market for Technical Installation and Large Projects business was positive throughout the period. However, price competition remained tight. In the Large Projects market, tendering activity remained on a good level, while Caverion continued its selective approach. Low interest rates and availability of financing supported investments. Requirements for increased energy efficiency, better indoor climate and tightening environmental legislation supported demand. In certain technical disciplines there were signs of resource shortage.