How to raise concern as Caverion's stakeholder

We at Caverion are committed to acting in an ethical way and conduct business with integrity and honesty. Our stakeholders play an important role in maintaining and further developing our ethical standards. Therefore, we encourage our stakeholders to raise concern when they notice something that is not conducted according to law or Caverion’s Code of Conduct  or Supplier Code of Conduct 

Caverion has a whistleblowing channel provided by an external partner that both our employees and stakeholders can use to report a concern either in their own name or anonymously. The concerns relating to violations of law, or the Caverion Code of Conduct or Supplier Code of Conduct are reported to Caverion’s Chief Compliance Officer through this channel. In case of general business enquiries, customer complaints or other requests, please contact us through our general contact channels. 

For Caverion’s employees, more information on voicing concerns is available in intranet. 

For information about processing personal data, please see our privacy notice.