Investor Relations - Tasks and objectives

The CEO of the company has the primary responsibility for Caverion’s investor communications. In practice, Investor Relations is handling all contacts with investors and other representatives of capital markets. All inquiries by investors are centrally managed by Investor Relations.

The aim of our Investor Relations is to support the appropriate valuation of the Caverion share by continuously and consistently communicating all essential information on Caverion to all market parties. Investor relations also aim to increase interest in the company among equity and debt investors as well as analysts, improve the loyalty of current shareholders and reach new investors and analysts interested in the company.

Investor Relations is also responsible for the preparation of interim reports and financial statements bulletins, in cooperation with the Group Accounting, Group Treasury and the Business units, creating investor presentations and planning and implementing investor communications as well as daily contact with investors and analysts. Investor Relations is also responsible for organising events.

Caverion’s Investor Relations activity covers the Capital Markets Day, conferences for analysts and the media, conference calls, road show events, participation in investor conferences and events as well as meetings with investors and analysts. Our investor relations work also involves collecting and analysing investor feedback and share-related information for the needs of the management and Board of Directors.

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