• Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt a. M., Germany

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a private business school with an international reputation. The newly built campus in Frankfurt is spread over five buildings, each with eight floors. The lecture theatres can accommodate a total of more than 2,200 students.

The new campus is a key milestone for us on our journey to becoming one of the top five business schools in Europe by 2020. The architectural and building services standards are correspondingly high. We were convinced by Caverion's end-to-end Design & Build approach.
Klaus Ringsleben, Director of the New Construction Project of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Service Areas

  • Design & Engineering
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Advisory Services
  • Project Execution


  • Electricity
  • Security & Safety
  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Heating & Sanitation
  • Cooling

Client Segments

  • Real Estate Users


  • School


● High demands in terms of energy efficiency and functionality
● Life cycle project: Planning phase, Construction, Maintenance 


Design & Build

Already in the early planning phase, the in-house Design & Build expert team, together with large-scale plant construction, influenced the plant design.Approaching the building as an overall system improves the ecological balance, saves costs and reduces the entire construction phase.

Plant construction

To ensure that the technical systems operate as efficiently as possible, using the minimum resources, the electricity supply required for the basement, ground floor and eight upper floors is partially covered by a photovoltaic system on the roof and a natural gas combined heat and power plant (CHP).The waste heat generated by the CHP when generating electricity is also used to provide heating. The consumer profile was calculated for a constantly high level of CHP utilisation. This guarantees maximum economic efficiency.

Instead of two separate circuits, reversible heat pumps generate either heat or cold. In technical terms this is achieved by means of different aggregate states, which reverse the direction of the heat flow as needed. In ecological and economic terms this has a positive effect on the energy balance. In order to achieve the maximum cooling capacity of 1,800 kW, additional screw-type compressors and turbocompressors, as well as a hybrid radiator, are installed.


Caverion has been responsible for maintaining the safety-related systems within the project since November 2017:

● BOS system (fire service wireless communication)
● Central fire alarm system
● SAA (voice-based alarm system)
● Sprinkler system

As of August 2018 it has also had responsibility for other systems:

● Heating
● Ventilation
● Air conditioning
● Electricity supply
● Measuring, control and regulation technology
● The combined heat and power plant

Order volume

In tens of millions


● 2015 - 2017
● Maintenance agreement in place since November 2017

Key project figures

● Underground car park, library, offices, seminar rooms and lecture theatres
● 32,000 square metres of floor space
● 760 work places
● An order volume valued in tens of millions
● DGNB platinum certificate for sustainable building practices

Facts and figures on Caverion’s role

● Plumbing & compressed air:Rain water, drinking water, waste water, fire extinguisher water, buildings, vacuum solar panels
● Heating & air conditioning:4 thermal pumps with a total output of 5,000 kW
● Clean air filter system:over 30 systems with more than 350,000 m³/h in total, special outlets for maintenance hall
● Measurement, control, regulation:DCC, remote units, control cabinets, wiring, services

In-house expert Design & Build team

DGNB platinum certificate for sustainable building practices

Life cycle project - planning, building and maintenance