LNG Tank Top Module to Manga, Tornio, Finland

Finland’s 2nd and biggest LNG terminal is located in Tornio, nearby Outokumpu’s steel mill. The facility consists of a jetty, a 50 000 m³ storage tank, process equipment and loading areas for trucks.  LNG will replace LPG in Outokumpu’s plant with a direct pipe line from the LNG plant. Caverion has awarded a number of contracts as a main subcontractor in several projects.


Wärtsilä Oy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of comprehensive marine- and  energy technologies. The expertise scales across the entire handling chain – from certified tanks through storage stations to full-blown LNG terminals.

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  • Industrial Installations
  • Process Piping

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  • Tornio’s LNG-project was Caverion’s first Tank Top Module 
  • The project had a tight schedule and work scope was increased
  • Weather conditions nearby the sea are hard
  • Transport to Tornio loaded to a barge in ice
  • Connections to tank in 54 m



  • Spool prefabrication was maximized to save work load at site, 85% of the welds were done on the own workshop floor before installation of the spools to the module.
  • Fabrication in indoor facilities enabled effective and safe working.
  • Increase and modifications in scope of work was handled with Caverion’s large buffer of personnel.
  • Total lead time 13 months, Zero (0) accidents.  
  • Optimized planning of material flow helped us keeping the small stocking area at site tidy and feeding up to erection levels easy.
  • Caverion act as an EPC-contractor using its own engineering resources added with international sub-contractors, international supply chain, large fabrication yards with modern working methods together with large erection (site supervision) team
  • Lifespan: 2016 - 2017, altogether 13 months
  • Total man-hours: 19.000  | Size 22 m  x 12 m  x 13 m (L x W x H). Dimensions of the tank: height 54 m and diameter 40 m

Lifespan 2016 - 2017, 
altogether 13 months

Dimensions of the tank:
height 54 m and diameter 40 m