Mora Municipality, Sweden

Mora municipality is improving the energy efficiency of 250 properties with a total floor area of 330,000 m2. Overall they are expected to be 20% more energy-efficient.


Mora municipality has just over 20,000 residents, of whom half live in the town of Mora itself. 

Service Areas

  • Managed Services


  • Security & Safety
  • Electricity
  • Heating & Sanitation
  • Cooling
  • Information & Communication Services
  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Automation

Client Segments

  • Public


  • EPC


“Because all the improvements are being made while the buildings are still in use, the project is very large and complex. Caverion is not only responsible for the planning and implementation, but is also guaranteeing the long-term savings,” says Urban Åkerström, Caverion project manager.

“The project is going ahead at high speed,” says Urban Åkerström from Caverion.


As a result of EPC (Energy Performance Contracting), Mora will be one of the five most energy-efficient municipalities in Sweden. The measures taken include:

  • Installing new ventilation systems
  • Replacing oil-fired boilers with heat pumps
  • Connecting buildings to the district heating system
  • Replacing existing lighting with LED fittings
  • Fitting new windows
  • Adjusting the heating and ventilation systems
  • Replacing pumps and control units
  • Maintenance measures, such as replacing roofs and renovating facades
  • Installing new flue gas fans in the Smidjegrav arena (the Mora ice rink)
  • Replacing the roof of Morkarlby school
  • Result

    The energy efficiency of Mora municipality has increased by 20%.

    330 000 m2
    total area

    250 properties

    20 % higher energy efficiency