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Pir North at Oslo Airport, Oslo, Norway

Caverion has delivered a fully automatic solution for boarding and disembarking at Oslo Airport’s new terminal Pir Nord: FlexiGate. It makes the gates flexible so that both domestic and international flights can use the same gate without compromising security.

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Flexigate contributes to a more efficient operation of the airport and cost-saving. In particular, the towing of aircraft takes time and costs money, or buses of passengers giving a poor passenger experience, and we will need fewer personnel.

- Helge Borgnes, Project manager for T2, Avinor

Avinor is a wholly owned government corporation under the Ministry of Transport and is responsible for the 45 state-owned airports in Norway. 12 airports are operated in cooperation with the Armed Forces.

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The development of the “new Oslo airport” would provide 60% higher capacity in the gates than a “normal” gate. Enhance both domestic and international flights on the same gate, separated into two levels.

Avinor’s security infrastructure is based on the Lenel OnGuard system. This includes access control, video surveillance, and checkpoints that need to be maintained and updated to ensure the safety of the traveller. 


With approx. 100 certified Lenel OnGuard specialists have Caverion the Nordic region’s greatest expertise in this solution.

One floor is international and the other domestic, so for example a domestic flight from Bergen, with further connection to London. The plane is standing, passengers are disembarking into domestic floor, and passengers for London is boarding from the other floor. Flexigate with boarding/disembarking on different floors already exists elsewhere in the world, but unique for the solution Caverion has developed is that proper doors, elevators and escalators are controlled automatically based on information obtained from the airport’s own air traffic control system.

The new system controls everything from the gate and the system is easy to use because it is based on a meeting solution.

In addition to the automatic Flexigate solution, Caverion has provided security for alarm and access control on the same platform, Lenel OnGuard.

Caverion’s smart and integrated solutions will provide reliable and secure infrastructure, with high predictability.

Contacts in Caverion:

Jon Eggen-Johansen, Key account manager: jon.eggen@caverion.com
Torodd Lund, Project manager AV: torodd.lund@caverion.com 

Video reference of Helge Borgnes, Avinor, and Vidar Pedersen, Caverion, talks about the FlexiGate solution:

Get a better understanding of what Flexigate is, and its benefits by watching this animated video:

63,000 Sq. m.

Smart and innovative solution

Cost Efficiency

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