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Seabrokers, Aibel building, Stavanger, Norway

Seabrokers engaged in ship broking, property development, facility management, construction, sea surveillance and secure lifting operations. They own and operate several buildings in western Svanholmen in Forus, Stavanger, Norway. Their first major project on the plot area was an atrium building with interesting architectural elements, which is the head office of Aibel as.

Service Areas

  • Design & Engineering
  • Advisory Services


  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Security & Safety
  • Information & Communication Services
  • Cooling
  • Automation
  • Heating & Sanitation

Client Segments

  • Real Estate Investors and Developers



Staff at Aibel works largely with projects, and therefore the office had to be flexible in terms of moving the walls and similar. The building also had to be energy efficient and have a good indoor climate.


Light and ventilation are fully automated and on-demand. Areas not in use has basic ventilation and motion sensors detecting when people come in, after which ventilation increases automatically. If it gets warmer/colder than the user of the office has registered that he want, it would be adjusted. Ten minutes after the office is vacated, the ventilation moves to the basic level, while the lights are turned off.

The air is fed quietly and without draft, thanks Caverion's own patented ClimaCeil. Fresh air is supplied via channels in the traditional way, but controlled through pressure valves, so that the channel pressure remains the same across the channel migration. The ceiling has a curved "pool", which is made of a thin metal plate. In the pool, the cold air is lying on the plate, where it is heated by the hot air in the room. When the old air is warm enough, it rises up and discharged into the room through a narrow slit in ClimaCeil. The ceiling is consistent throughout the building, and is divided into modular chambers. Therefore, cell offices can easily be changed into landscape without having to make changes in the ventilation and temperature system.


    Svanholmen 14 is a pioneer in building energy efficiency. The energy consumption first year was 108 kwh per sqm.



    Facts about the building

  • Year built: 2006
  • Area: 25,000 m²
  • 6 floors + basement
  • Parking outside and inside
  • Holds 1,259 workspaces
  • Tenant: Aibel
  • Fully leased
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Electrical (including data cabling)
  • Ventilation and ClimaCeil (on-demand)
  • Pipes
  • Security
  • Emergency power
  • UPS