• Tampere hall

Tampere Hall, Finland

Caverion and Tampere Hall started mutual cooperation in the 1990s and have continued it to this day. The fire extinguishing systems in Tampere Hall consist almost exclusively (90%) of sprinkler systems, which need to be maintained in order to guarantee the safety of all the tens of thousands of people visiting the place each year.

Our cooperation is based on reliable partnership. Caverion delivers what it promises, and always on time. Good and comprehensive reports on the life cycle of equipment   bring added value and enable us to identify risks and stay within the budget.

Marko Koivisto, Property Manager
Tampere Hall

Service Areas

  • Technical Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Project Execution


  • Cooling
  • Security & Safety

Client Segments

  • Real Estate Users
  • Real Estate Users - Sports & Culture
  • Real Estate Investors and Developers


  • Fairs/events


Better overall management of property services


  • A sprinkler system has been installed in Tampere Hall by Caverion, and subsequently the customer has assigned the responsibility for the maintenance of these systems to Caverion.
  • Service agreement, scheduled maintenance and operating services
  • Disciplines: Security & Safety
  • Year: 1990 – ongoing
  • Size of property: 27,000 m2
  • Services provided by Caverion

  • Investigation of the condition of sprinkler pipes
  • Annual maintenance, monthly tests and inspections
  • Engineering and modifications
  • Lifespan
    1990 - ongoing

    Size of property
    27,000 m2