• National Gallery of Denmark (SMK)

National Gallery of Denmark (SMK), Copenhagen, Denmark

Caverion has carried out a technical project contract including the replacement of building technology at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK). Modernisations are designed to help maintain the high quality condition of the art. Keeping art properly requires excellence in respect of the air quality and indoor climate. To that end, the National Gallery of Denmark began a major refit of its building technology installations in 2017 in order to ensure the best possible conditions for its art. To retain its quality of condition, art needs a perfect indoor climate.

Photo: The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK)

SMK, in Copenhagen, is home to Denmark's largest collection of works of art and employs 180 people. The gallery was built in 1896 and is nowadays home to art both from Denmark and from abroad.

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The building modernisation was necessitated by the fact that the Greater Copenhagen Utility firm, HOFOR, was to cease supplying steam to the building in 2017. At the time, the steam was used partly to heat the building and partly to directly humidify the ventilation air. In future, the building was to be supplied with liquid-water district heating and cooling, which meant that new humidification systems had to be fitted. This entailed substantial modifications/replacement of the ventilation systems in question, as well as the provision of heat, cooling, building management systems and heating and sanitation.


The main contract included the removal of the steam distribution plant in the building and the installation of a new cooling system and distribution plant. In addition, the current mechanical cooling systems were replaced with district cooling. HOFOR is responsible for supplying cooling water to the new cooling plant. The main contract also included all other works in connection with the production and distribution of cooling. 

Caverion's work ensures that the museum's rooms will have a better indoor climate with the right temperatures for the many works of art.

Museum has been operated since 1896

To ensure the best possible conditions for art


  • Lifespan: 2016-2017
  • Contract value: DKK 36,5M
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