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TOTAL Refinery, Leuna, Germany

The TOTAL refinery in Leuna, Saxonia-Anhalt, is one of the most modern refineries in Europe. Product range contains among others gasoline and diesel. Most of the 1,300 service stations in a 150 kilometer circuit around Leuna is being supplied by TOTAL. The refinery is also the largest producer of methanol in Germany, an important element for the chemical industry.

Service Areas

  • Managed Services
  • Technical Maintenance


  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Cooling
  • Security & Safety
  • Automation
  • Information & Communication Services
  • Industrial Installations
  • Heating & Sanitation
  • Electricity

Client Segments

  • Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Industry
  • Real Estate Investors and Developers


  • Plant


Technical building systems needs to be malfunction-free to maintain the quality of production environment. 


Caverion has 20 staff members on site to control, repair and maintain all technical building systems with high quality. Service persons are available 24/7 to solve malfunctions immediately. 


Longtime partnership 

Facts about the facility

  • Area of refinery about 320 hectare
  • 15,000 lamps for illumination by night
  • 12 million tons of crude oil handled per year
  • 1 million liter of gasoline and diesel produced per hour
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

  • Facility management: technical maintenance, repairs, service and control of all technical building systems at the production facility, cleaning, outdoor maintenance, winter services, real estate administration
  • Vehicle fleet management including over 40 cars and more than 500 bicycles
  • 1​M liter
    gasoline and diesel produced per hour

    Caverion staff members

    320 hectare
    Area of refinery