Industrial Shutdown Services

Maintenance downtime is perhaps the most critical time for energy and industrial plants. All maintenance activities related to downtime - whether it is a complete annual maintenance or a recurring partial downtime - must be carried out first time and as planned, on schedule and safely. Any investments planned for a downtime must also be completed. All of this may bring a lot of temporary workforce to the facility. How to manage everything successfully?

Annual maintenance of industrial and energy plants requires good preparation and skilled workforce. We have taken care of hundreds of annual maintenance shutdowns and learned how to succeed in them. Our professional staff, extensive expertise and geographical coverage provide a good basis for a smoothly implemented downtime.

We know the importance of good downtime - and how it is accomplished

Good downtime planning and execution are significant competitive advantages for the industry. Annual maintenance typically takes up 10 to 30 percent of the annual maintenance budget. With good preparation, downtime represents a couple of percent of the planned production time - with poor preparation, time and costs can multiply.

Proper preparation is also reflected in good occupational safety and risk management. It is important that all planned and necessary tasks are completed in time to avoid equipment breakdowns and failures during the operation.

From us, you get everything you need for annual maintenance and downtime activities, such as

  • Condition monitoring and analyzes to select the items to be maintained
  • Technical planning
  • Project management and work planning
  • Reports and inspections in accordance with regulatory obligations
  • Purchase of spare parts and other supplies
  • Valve maintenance and online testing
  • Tasks related to site management and safety coordination
  • Workforce orientation and work permits
  • Maintenance and installation work
  • Ramp-up plan with tests
  • Document updates, final reporting