Technical Maintenance

When a building’s operating environment is functioning correctly, it increases productivity and end user comfort. With the automation and remote management technology available today, clients can achieve dramatic improvements in building and process energy efficiency as well as in cost and quality control.

Business continuity is ensured with smart solutions providing high predictability and security of operations. 

Our smart solutions benefit the client by:

  • minimising the need for expensive shutdowns
  • letting the end users focus on their core business activities
  • helping in predicting and reducing operational costs, and improves scheduled maintenance

Caverion offers in-depth expertise in integrating various types of total technical and IT solutions and skills in analysing and utilising data from numerous sources. Clients benefit greatly from our fault and alarm management monitoring service. This provides continuous diagnosis of facility performance, and automatically generates notifications resulting in operational efficiencies.

Technical Maintenance is the overall foundation for the delivery of Caverion’s life cycle solutions and Managed Services

Our Technical Maintenance services cover: