Industrial Maintenance Partnerships

A partner specializing in industrial maintenance gives the owner and operator of the facility peace of mind and the freedom to focus on their own core business. As your partner, we have the expertise to take care of the daily maintenance and its development. We have well-established, safe and efficient operating methods and broad-based competence covering a wide range of engineering, development and installation tasks.

Long-term, confidential customer relations are the core of our operations. Our partnership model is easy and cost effective. You no longer have to coordinate several different parties - we take care of everything. We are at your service at all stages of the plant's life cycle.

Our long experience in industrial environment has given us a special ability to develop best practices. The experience is reflected in the ability of our staff to find quick and effective solutions to problem situations. Our expertise increases safety for both the environment and people.

We manage the maintenance outsourcing process

Handing over maintenance to an external partner requires good preparation. We have implemented this process more than a hundred times and have certainly learned to master it. In addition to maintenance, we can take care of storage, procurement and tendering procedure for service providers, among other things.

Let us improve your plant performance and safety with carefully targeted actions

Thanks to our deep experience, we are familiar with virtually all methods that improve industrial maintenance. We will tailor the most suitable package of them to suit your plant, need and strategy.

Actions can include, e.g.

  • Maintenance audit, root cause analysis and criticality analysis of equipment
  • Optimizing spare parts inventory e.g. with the right kind of asset hierarchy to avoid downtime
  • Rationalization of preventive maintenance through modern condition monitoring
  • IoT and AI solutions for condition monitoring and prediction of faults and malfunctions
  • Improving the environmental performance of the plant to consume less energy, lubricating oil and water, and to save raw materials