Lifecycle projects and services 

Managed Lifecycle is a concept where Caverion takes full responsibility for the planning, construction and maintenance of the customer’s properties and building services equipment and systems. 

  • We guarantee the property's functionality, energy efficiency and healthy indoor air for up to a 25-year contract period. 
  • We maintain properties efficiently throughout the lifecycle and take care of property renovation debt management. 
  • Caverion has nearly 20 years of experience in implementing lifecycle projects. 

In lifecycle projects we are responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of building services for the agreed service period. The service period of a lifecycle contract is usually 20 to 25 years. Caverion is responsible for the usability, conditions, energy consumption and condition of the site throughout the service period

The maintenance of the property, building, structures and technical equipment and systems is based on planned preventive maintenance, as well as 24/7 remote monitoring by technical experts

A long-term maintenance plan is defined at the beginning of the contract, ensuring that the condition of the site remains in accordance with the contract even at the end of the contract and when responsibility passes to the customer and users. 

In this concept, Caverion is the chosen partner from the design stage to the end of the lifecycle. This leads to optimised lifecycle costs. The future operating costs of the property are known from the beginning for the entire life of the lifecycle contract and are thus easy to budget.  

Caverion is responsible for managing potential risks, so the customer can always focus on their own core business. 

Public – Private Partnership

We deliver all the essential parts for a PPP service, from design to managing conditions and availability according to the customer’s needs. Caverion-led PPP projects demonstrate the industry's most comprehensive expertise and solutions. 

As a customer, you can be confident that compliance will be achieved 24/7 and you can therefore focus on your own core competencies - be it education, healthcare or any value-added public service. 

Lifecycle Management 

We provide services at all stages of the property's lifecycle. A well-managed property retains its value and allows users to operate in a healthy and safe environment. The predictability of well-managed property operations increases the ability of a property investor to make plans for the long term and maximize the potential of the property. 

We provide all the services needed by the property and take overall responsibility for the desired conditions and functions. In this way, property owners free up resources to instead focus on their tenants and user cooperation. With overall responsibility, it is possible for Caverion to ensure that the functionality of the property is always at the desired level.