Caverion Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) consulting service

The first step to making your building smart is to analyse the current state and define the optimal steps for adjustments.  

Caverion SRI consulting service analyses the building’s intelligence level based on the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the proposed common calculation method.

What does the Caverion SRI consulting service focus on?

Caverion’s consultation model is based on the methodology developed by the EU¹ and consists of a customer interview and a technical survey (9 modules and 7 impact categories). Results are reported using three functionalities:

  • readiness to facilitate maintenance and efficient operations;
  • readiness to adapt in response to the need of the occupant;
  • readiness to adapt in response to the situation of the energy grid.

Caverion SRI consulting service is not about only creating a report of your existing status, but also a clear short term and long-term plan on how to increase the smartness of your building.