Predictive, Prescriptive and Usage-based Maintenance 

In conventional buildings, building maintenance is usually reactive. Components are fixed or replaced when they break down or according to a predetermined maintenance schedule. 

In smart buildings, maintenance will first be predictive and ultimately prescriptive, where the building data collected to the digital platform is thoroughly analysed. 

We use artificial intelligence to look for hidden signals from the building technology, for example we follow small changes in the indoor air quality, and then calculate when to replace the ventilation filters. This is known as predictive maintenance

Prescriptive maintenance not only predicts when maintenance is necessary but is also able to mitigate the situation. For example, artificial intelligence can propose that by lowering the ventilation of certain spaces at certain hours, the filters can last longer. 

A third option is usage-based maintenance, where the actual usage of spaces and building technology is taken into account to determine when maintenance is required. Similar algorithms can be used to manage cleaning as well. 

Let’s plan together the best way for your building to become smarter.