5 Quick facts about research and development in Caverion

In our very own R&D centre based in Aachen (Germany) we have 12 team-members, headed by Detlef Makulla, who cooperate with experts from other departments throughout the Caverion Group. Together they work to develop user-friendly and energy-efficient technical solutions for buildings and industries.

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Life cycle solutions - Years of partnership

Caverion has been delivering life cycle solutions and services already for many years. One example is Kaivomestari in the City of Espoo, in Finland. The city of Espoo wanted to find out whether the life cycle model is more cost-efficient and of higher quality than maintenance implemented through a traditional service agreement.

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Advisory Services

Our knowledge from building and industrial solutions and own R&D working in combination is unique and helps us develop the best client solutions. Project professionals always have up-to-date knowledge about buildings, industrial systems, and energy efficient products. 

We use the most advanced software with numeric simulation algorithms for predicting air flow patterns and temperature distribution in enclosed spaces...

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Design & Engineering

Caverion provides comprehensive design competences from the first ideas to the final design. This ensures high quality in the overall design phase and reduces risks due to multiple interfaces and bad communication. We have design and engineering competence in special client segments.

We offer more than design. We create several concepts to suit different needs depending on the client’s individual situation.

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Project Management

Only professional project management enables success on site. Good management secures projects with balanced risks and a profitable outcome. 

Due to our long history in project management business, we have project managers for all types of projects. A special training path secures knowledge transfer from senior project managers to young engineers. Working with state-of-the-art tools and equipment support, our employees handle projects efficiently.

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Project Execution

We offer one point of contact that understands clients’ needs and acts accordingly. In order to deliver “one-stop shopping” to clients, Caverion offers all the relevant technical disciplines with own professional personnel. 

With regular training schemes for blue collar workers, we ensure the needed quality on site and compliance with the regulations. Work safety is always a priority and our accident rate belongs to the lowest of our branch.

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Technical Maintenance

The technical maintenance of buildings and industrial plants is our core competence. It can be divided into preventative planned maintenance (PPM) or corrective maintenance. The preventive planned maintenance is the preferred choice for the value preservation of our clients’ property and effective long-term cost management. 

Corrective maintenance and ad hoc interruption repairs are often chosen in order to save money in the short term, but in those cases, larger repairs and renovations tend to escalate into bigger and more expensive ones in the long term.

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Managed Operations

Managed operations offer the full scope of facility services for the client which enables them to concentrate on their core business. Our approach to managed operations is technical due to it focusing on real estate value preservation. 

Energy prices are increasing yearly and energy costs represent the biggest portion of operating expenditure in many cases. By employing the correct technical services, it is the easiest way to affect those costs and limit them.

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Managed Life Cycle

Managed Life Cycle is becoming an increasingly popular service approach since it is economically and technically risk-free and has a low need for own capital for the customer.  In our versatile solutions, Caverion takes full responsibility for the planning, constructing, and maintaining of the technical systems and solutions of the industrial plants and buildings. 

We are responsible for the effectiveness, usability, safety, and condition of the property throughout the life cycle contract period, which is often over 20 years. Proactive maintenance and optimised energy consumption are part of the service.

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