Safety and planning are the most important factors when working on a platform

Karsten Poder Sørensen from Caverion in Denmark works on a production facility platform in the North Sea.

"I'm very good at adapting, so it’s easy for me to change my routines back and forth from being offshore and at home with the family,” Karsten says. A normal workday for Karsten includes tasks like debugging and maintenance of the transformers, and high voltage boards.

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Caverion provides a managed life cycle project worth over EUR 80 million at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark

Caverion has signed a managed services contract with general contractor A. Enggaard and Nordea to deliver a managed life cycle project for a new office building to be used by several public sector authorities at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The value of the project is more than EUR 80 million for Caverion, which makes it one of the largest public-private partnership (PPP) projects in Denmark and also one of the largest orders Caverion has ever received.

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Advisory Services

Caverion advises its clients in managing risk, improving performance, optimising operations and sustaining solid results.

Our experts develop sustainable findings, conclusions and recommendations for clients to consider in their decision making. With effective advice and planning as well as sustainable life cycle solutions we assist businesses in reaching their economic and environmental targets.

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Design & Engineering

Caverion focuses on sustainable solutions that generate energy savings and provide comfortable working and living environments. Our in-house experts help clients to optimise their technical systems, functionalities and operations, manage risk, improve performance, and sustain results.

Our project design professionals, with expertise in all technical disciplines and a variety of industry segments, are available for clients at every stage from concept planning to project execution.

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Project Management

Caverion has profound experience in managing complex projects of different scopes and sizes in a number of segments. Carefully selected project managers and teams steer the project toward its targets related to quality, time and financials.

All actions are documented, stored, and easily available. Qualified Project Management is a prerequisite for any successful project.

Project Execution

Caverion’s competence and expertise in all relevant technical disciplines and equipment installations ensure a project with balanced risks and profitable results.

The technical disciplines cover the entire life cycle of buildings and industries, projects and services. Caverion offers them as combinations or separately as individual services.

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Technical Maintenance

Caverion offers in-depth expertise in integrating various types of total technical and IT solutions and skills in analysing and utilising data from numerous sources. Clients benefit greatly from fault and alarm management monitoring. This provides continuous diagnosis of facility performance, and automatically generates notifications resulting in operational efficiencies.

When a building’s operating environment is functioning correctly, it increases productivity and end user comfort.

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Managed Services

Caverion has solid experience in being the primary service contractor, in-depth technical know-how, sustainable solutions, and excellent purchasing, facility services and subcontracting networks. When we manage the services for the client, we also manage the risks e.g. related to cost, value preservation, or business interruptions.

Operations are always best optimised when decisions take into account the sustainability and active management of the whole life cycle of the property. 

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