Performance development process

Performance development process, continuous feedback as well as performance development discussions including agreement of targets and results review are an integral part of our management system

Performance development process (Management By Key Results) at Caverion includes all informal and formal activities which ensure that Caverion targets are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. 

Ensuring commitment to the achievement of our targets

Based on our employee survey Spirit, 72% (2014: 70%) of our employees conducted performance development discussion in 2015. Our objective is to conduct a performance development discussion with all our employees twice a year, either individually or at a team level.

Performance development discussion at Caverion includes validation of the employee’s current job, review and feedback of the targets set for the previous period as well as target setting discussion for the next period. Targets are set for one year ahead, so that they comply with the Group’s annual planning and budgeting cycle. Performance-based bonuses are paid once a year, provided that the targets are achieved. Halfway through the year we perform a mid-year discussion when both short- and long-term individual development actions are planned and followed-up.

During 2015 we also continued the work for implementing common Caverion job structure and typical career paths at Caverion Group.